BackLit Taxi-top Posters ..... Non - Rotating Taxi Wheel Hubcap ..... Taxi Interior Placard  
We are the only company to distinctly target cabs that patrol desired areas of a city. Our ads are inspected and cleaned daily, damaged ads replaced at no cost and only newer clean cabs are utilized with the lowest available rates in Canada.

We utilize four-sided, backlit poster carriers affixed to the cabs roof, which delivers your message from all four sides of the cab. Our taxi top advertising offers you unparalleled customer service reachable day or evening - many say it, we actually follow through.
We Deliver the Urban
Business Professional Daily

In Toronto 30,000 business people
..view these ads per day, during.both
. rush.hours and throughout conventions. Toronto has.the
..highest concentration of Fortune.500
..headquarters in all of North America
. and is third in Trade show.circuit
. conventions. That activity generates a
. highly concentrated.audience.

Effectively Reach the Much Sought After
19-34 Year Target Audience

Research data indicates taxi riders are 65% Male, of whom 45% are business travellers , 35% are college students and 20% are convention attendees.
75% travel between business and tourist locations including hotels and airports.

The bar and club hoppers are very active in our entertainment districts during the evenings and particularly during weekends. Cabs inherently follow crowds and are always where eyeballs will be exposed to your message, which is what it's all about. Sporting /concert events, tourist districts, restaurants, airports, hotels and movie theatres are typical places to find our taxi's.