Urban truck wraps are very large graphics on trucks 24 feet in length by 8 feet high. Graphics are placed on both sides of the truck, as well as the back door. The images are in full four colour, on vinyl and are interchangeable and reusable. Our trucks are seen daily along major urban highways and streets. A benefit of this medium is the perception that a company or organization is larger and more widespread than it actually is!


Trucks are guaranteed to travel
...2,000 km per month in specific
...areas or money refunded

Lowest cost in North America!!

Trucks are cleaned/inspected 2x
...wkly, replacements madeat no cost

GPS tracking available

24-7 Customer service rep available

91% of potential viewers take notice of this medium

75% will form an opinion of them and 29% will make a buying decision based on their impression!! Intra-city trucks generate 16 million impressions per year. We know that people enjoy looking at truck graphics and are drawn to them, particularly when the creative treatment is colourful and unique.

Your message will be seen during morning and afternoon rush hours and on city streets targeting a highly mobile audience. Our experience in this niche medium will help reflects your company in a more personal and "inside" manner .